The Development

The development of the script also dictates what variables go into the planning stages.
There is planning in each phase of production which includes pre-production, production, and post production.

Saying something verbally is more difficult than showing with an image or a mood.

Post Production...

Although taken for granted often is essential to having a finished product. Without Post production there is no product. In fact all the things mentioned above all lead to post production and combining the elements for an edit of the film.

The Message

For the truth seekers:
Praying the sheep are herded accordingly.

The Feature

Moral Fabrication

ADP aims to pull out all the stops for its first feature. These artistic endeavours will rely on people power that lasts much longer than the short sufferance endured while attempting to create them. A campaign to crowd fund will allow this to happen. Your support will save the day.



FODDER Folks can click on 'Fodder' playing at Indievue to generate finance which ultimately assists towards more streaming and future productions.


Audio Sample

Dream Sex SFX



Another Dollard Productions' mission is to produce genre pictures that challenge the audience and make the stories reach for unconventional themes. Horror, Science Fiction, Comedy, Westerns, Exploitation, and Psychological Thrillers all have their place at ANOTHER DOLLARD PRODUCTIONS INC.

                                                  "Taking every dollar and making it count"
                                                                                           -David Dollard

This website functions as a sort of show and tell but it will house the links and info needed to invest in ANOTHER DOLLARD PRODUCTIONS first feature for pre-planning, development and pre-production in 2021.


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